Big Kat Music Video

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What will you talk about

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The Up’s and Down’s

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This is life and we do the best we can to make by. Things can be going well or even better than we thought it could be. You think that everything is in line and you are going to be OK. Then like a flip of a switch your world can be flipped in another directions. All the emotions you have go from positive to negative. Was it or was it not your fault?

To all that, I say “Fuck it!” I did it once and I can do it again. I am better than that ,to let my emotions take control. I will succeed and I will prevail. So I say to the world. Look at me. My candle is still burning. You will never be able to put out my fire.


I may be down, but I will never fall.

Tres Reyes

New Video

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Just put a new movie I did with my partner David in the movie section of the blog. Check it out. More to come


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Pleas click on the link below to view my resume.


Under Construction

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